A Walk on the Wild Side…

For us, dealing with regular society can be a walk on the Wild Side.  On this survivalist blog, we cover a range of topics about what it’s like to live in the woods.  Today, we want to switch-it-up a bit.  What’s it like living like a pedestrian — we’ll share with you.

We Put on Our Pants One Leg at A Time

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, it’s time to get ready for the day.  “But first — coffee,” right?  From then on, it’s a typical day.  We get ready by putting on our clothes, and focus on preparing for the day.  In this case, it’s not quite prepping for surviving in general, but instead, prepping to have a successful day.

Head to Work and Deal with Daily “Life Stuff”

Though, we’d like to fantasize that we’re are prepared in case of an emergency situation, really, most of the time we need to focus on if we’re prepared for a day-at-work.  For me, it’s daily struggles of surviving rush hour traffic, and getting to my cubicle just-in-time 9am to be at my desk ready-to-work.

And then there’s regular pedestrian life stuff to attend.  For example, we recently moved locations and hired the Santa Monica moving company to help us during our transition.  The move was successful, though, it reminded me about how dependent we are on other people for surviving the daily whoas in our society.

Head Home and Prep for The Worst

By 5pm, it’s time to start thinking about heading home for the day.  When clocking-out of work, and leaving for the office, thoughts of survival start to enter into the mind.  “Do I have enough supplies in my go bag,” “Do I have my routes in case of an emergency.” are all types of questions that enter into the mind as I transition to start heading towards home for the day.  It’s a blessing and a curse, I know.  I will survive, and I’m determined — I tell myself.  Whether I really am, though?  I still like to think so.

The Struggle is Real

The probability of a catastrophe is very low, I know.  But with outbreaks like the Corona Virus, we have to wonder — are we really that far away from a potential World War III or even a Zombie Apocalypse?  Whether we are or we are not, we will be prepared because that’s what we do.  It’s in our blood, mind and hearts to move forward and not be at the mercy of any persons which might threaten our survival.

It’s all in a day’s work as a survivalist.  We know that most days aren’t so dramatic.  Though, if danger strikes, and we must act– we are prepared.

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