Top Survival Skills You Should Know

You were in the woods with your friends for some fun activities. You were walking enthusiastically, chatting, talking some selfies and definitely enjoying your day. In short, you weren’t paying must attention to the directions. In the end, you discover you couldn’t navigate your way back home. In another instance, you find yourself in, an isolated environment due to unfortunate events like kidnapping and accident. What survival skills do you do in cases like this?

1. Be Calm

We are biologically designed to respond to emergency situations. Right from rapid beating of the heart to dilation of the pupil, our body gets us ready for fight adventure. However, in this kind of scenario, this skills you need is the capacity to slow down and think. Panicking won’t solve your problems. You have to get your mental state in order. It is then you can apply other survival skills effectively.

2. Sourcing for Water

Depending on the temperature of your environment, you cannot survive above three days without water. Therefore, you have to make sure your body is well-hydrated to keep going. To source for water, study your environment. If you are on a hilly platform, seek out water downhill. Be on the lookout for evidence of living as they need water to survive. The presence of animals means there is a water source around you.

3. Sourcing for Food

Depending on the environment, you can opt for plucking fruits and game hunting if there is a surrounding forest, or fishing if it is a river area. If you’re an avid hunter you’ll fair well in the forest but if you’re a novice shooter, we found some of the best shooting ranges in the country in Tucson, Arizona, Raleigh, North Carolina, Boston Mass, and El Paso, Texas. If you’re interested in learning to shoot from these companies see the information below.

If your food source is animals, do your best to cook them up before eating them. You can do that by setting up a fire as explained below.

4. Setting Up Fire

This will help you efficiently battle the cold of your surroundings, chase away predators, roast the game you caught from hunting, and possibly signal your presence in the woods to others. To set a fire, you need three things, fuel, heat and oxygen. Dry leaves and branches of trees can serve as your fuel. It is important not to use fresh leaves or woods because the moisture in them, will not support combustion. The surrounding air provides oxygen. What is left is the spark or heat that will set the fuel ablaze. If you don’t have matches, you can use methods such as hand drills or bow drills as you see fit.

5. Building a Shelter

You would need a shelter to protect you from the dangers of the environment like predators and cold. You can build a small hut using tree branches. Ensure, however, that your shelter is not near your campfire, and your building materials aren’t too dry that they can catch fire easily. If you are in a mountainous area, find a carve to stay.

Civilization has connections with the availability of water. So, channel your direction to water flow. Chances are you meet people who can give you brilliant tips on how to get home. If you are with a compass, it will help you in finding your direction even when other technology like the telephone fails.


Surviving in a remote environment can be challenging, but with the right skills, you can live through it. Applying the skills, above will make your survival adventure tolerable as you will be able to meet the basic needs of life: food, clothing, and shelter. Have you ever been stranded in the woods, tell us about it.

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