Securing Your Backpack For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

So I thought I’d take a couple minutes this morning and talk to you guys about a couple of camp security issues that I run into. So there’s two big security issues that I encounter doing what I do. The first one is often times I’m backpacking and I’ve got a big heavy pack on me that I’m carrying, but I’m kind of exploring and there’s times that I want to drop my heavy pack and scramble up the hillside or drop down into a canyon or something without carrying all my main gear so the security issue is that I’m always concerned that somebody may stumble across my pack and take off with it. Then they would have all of my critical supplies for the trip.

The second security issue that I run into is often times I set up a little camp, but I go off during the day and hike around either hunting or exploring or something like that and I’ve got the same issue I’ve got my gear back at my camp that I want or need for the trip and I’m walking away and leaving it. The problem again is what if somebody stumbled on to my camp and somebody makes off with my critical gear.

Let me tell you guys about a couple little solutions that I’ve come up with for that. So I stash my pack over in the brush and I take about a minute to throw a little bit of natural vegetation over it and conceal it a little bit and it’s just enough to break it up so that there’s no manmade looking outlines from a distance. It blends in nicely without looking like I stashed it under there. I found this unique little product called a sound grenade and I’ve incorporated into a couple of my outdoor backcountry security measures.

So first the backpack security piece. Let me tell you guys what happens here. The smoke grenade comes packaged with this little attached carabiner to the package so that carabiner I just repurpose and use as part of my system for use in the sound grenade for security. So the sound grenade is two pieces and basically it works when the two pieces are pulled apart. That’s what trips the alarms. So I just leave mine set up by attaching a piece a bank line to the large portion and then just leaving the carabiner that came with that attached to the small and so to set the sound grenade alarm I’ll take the small end of my bag and all usually just wrap it around a little stick like this and then I’ll just click the other end someplace to the backpack. It’s going to be kind of out of sight. Tuck this clip of that carabiner into a little strap. Now if someone grabs the backpack to remove it, it trips the alarm.

When it comes to the campus security I’ll set up a little trip wire now. I use a little larger bank line for this. The critical elements are disguised as much as possible, the trip wire number one and the number two setting up the trip wire in a place that it’s logical for people to walk. When you look at the overall camp layout this is the side that it’s logical to walk in from. Also notice down here I disguised my alarm. I just put a little bit of concealment on it so it’s not easy to see from a distance. So a couple other things when it comes to camp security that I always think about is number one trying to keep my camp as low profile as possible using natural colors. Things that don’t stand out will keep a pretty low signature. My camp obviously looks like it was set up by a man, however, using all natural materials and from a distance it doesn’t really stand out that much when I walk away from camp. I want to make sure that my fire is completely dead so there’s no smoke coming out of it. In this country you can smell wood smoke for a long ways. Also, smoke is visible for a long ways so keeping your fire completely out when you leave camp to me is a really important a really important thing to do.

So when it comes to campus security interests generally I like to use a little personal alarm system like the sound grenade and then a combination of concealed and low profile campus. When I walk away from my camp I want to make sure to conceal a little bit and then also from time to time when there’s more people I might set up a tripwire.

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