Prep These 5 Foods To Be Prepared for Emergencies

These are five easy little food preps people can find at just about any grocery store, but some of the conditions that I wanted for this is that they had to be either in single servings or did not require refrigeration after they were opened.

For example, you don’t want to open up a can, only to feed one or two people and then have it spoil or have bacteria get into it over the next day.

The worst case situation of the power goes out– you want something that a) you can eat in one serving or b) it does not require refrigeration after it’s opened.

Here’s our list:


The top of my list is honey. We get just the regular store brand honey– does not require refrigeration and stays good almost forever. Sometimes it will crystallize so you’ll have to warm it up a bit but that’s like with older honey. It’s also a topical antibiotics so you put it in a cuts and wounds to help them out.

Peanut Butter

Next is peanut butter. My wife and I we only get the natural peanut butter that only includes roasted peanuts, sugar, pommel and salt, and that’s it. Some peanut butter has hydrogenated oils, which contributes to coronary heart disease, and we do not buy any of that. Jiffy peanut butter has got 80 milligrams of sodium while the Skippy has got 150 milligrams of sodium.

Canned Fish

Some type of canned fish. Single serving size– whether its tuna fish or salmon, that’s going to be left up to the taste buds of whoever is eating it. I’m kind of leery of even listing canned fish, tuna fish or salmon because of the mercury content. They say that pregnant women in certain groups should not eat more than say two servings of tuna a month. It’s a great food, but with our dependence on coal-fired plants, most of our waterways and fish are contaminated with mercury. Don’t consume a whole lot of fish is what I’ve always heard.

Nutritional Drinks

Now this is a little something I wanted to touch on. These range anywhere from say 190 calories, 150 calories all the way up to meal replacement size which would be like 350 calories. Not really a whole meal replacement, but a meal supplement.

The metal cans would be good to store at your retreat as rodents are less likely to chew through metal as they are to chew through plastic. Anything made of plastic rodents will chew thru so if you’re storing peanut butter, you may want to go with glass jars so the rodents.

Canned Food Goods

We also recommend some type of canned beans, fruit or vegetable. Pick whatever you eat naturally. Whatever you eat during the course of the day, whatever you eat during the course of the month– that’s what you buy.

We buy the store brand and not the name brands to save money. That’s something that I’ve noticed is that whenever you start stockpiling stuff like the Spaghetti O’s, it’s like , well not everybody likes Spaghetti O’s or ravioli. Pick things that are somewhat bland that most people will eat because it’s pretty simple – you just open it and serve it on the side of a meal.

Notice that everything here is single serving size or two serving size. Maybe in three serving sizes where you can open it up and say two or three people eat out of it, or if you’re one really hungry person you can sit and eat the whole thing. If you buy the large cans then the whole family is going to have to eat the same thing and you’ll get some type of complainer that won’t want that item. You can’t just tell them if you don’t like it don’t eat it because they’ve got to get their energy up.

So there are some simple fast food preps that you can get just about any grocery store. One thing though is that I like to stockpile what I normally eat. I’ve got a few cases of MREs. But not everybody likes MREs, they are kind of cost prohibitive, stuff like what I mention above are only a few dollars.

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