Looking for the Best Survivalist Rifle? Look No Further

When you are in a situation that puts your life at risk, basic human instinct kicks in and before flight you need to fight. Having the right rifle could be the reason you survive to see what the next day holds. Each life threatening situation is different and hence in order for it to be the best rifle it has to be reliable and durable in terms of ammo and work in the toughest conditions.

Ruger Mini -14 Ranch Rifle

The Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle is that weapon, with gas operated chambering, 21 capacity Remington rounds, low recoil, and fast repeat shot capabilities. For sure it is the ultimate survival rifle despite having a wooden stock and becoming a bit heavy when fully stocked. When you have one of these, chances of survival increase dramatically in a situation away from urban centers.

Marlin XT-22YR

A Marlin XT-22YR is a small and descent range rifle that comes in hand for any survivalist situation, with its 22 long rifle ammo, which is easy to obtain. It has the ability to fire eight rounds without reloading. It is for sure a must have during a life or death situation. Among its advantages is that its stock is made of of polymer and it uses lighter ammo.

Mossberg 500

In an urban situation where distance and accuracy don’t matter as much as survival the right gun to have would be the Mossberg 500. This shot gun uses 12 gauge ammo, fires six rounds before reloading, uses a pump action and it has a polymer stock. The Mossberg has a kickback so if you don’t have a lot of energy it’s a weapon to avoid. It also lacks long range capabilities.

Remington Versa Ma

The Remington Versa Max cannot be left out with its semi automated firing capabilities and a self cleaning gas system. It’s a rifle one can use to survive in any kind of situation when they are not maneuvering small tight spaces due to its length of 44 to 49 inches. To use one of these you have to be strong enough since it gives a powerful kickback so be careful.

Smith & Wesson AR-15

When in a situation where there is imminent threat both close range and long range the AR-15 from Smith & Wesson is the rifle you ought to have. It can fire 31 rounds in no time with its gas reloading system. The only problem you are going to be facing is instant cleaning, which would be possible after one survives the imminent danger.

Interarms AKMS

Interarms AKMS are the best selling rifles and hence with one of these you can walk away from any situation with a 31 bullet firing capability, chromed line barrel, and polymer stock its a durable rifle. The only shortcoming having to be its heavy recoil, but in general its a good weapon of choice.


Since all these rifles are good in different environment its advisable before choosing one to consider the environment of usage, the intended use, the accuracy, and the weight to avoid an overweight feeling rifle. Lastly the user skills must be considered when handling a firearm to greatly avoid accidents.

Tell us about which rifle you enjoy using and why.

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