Important Facts About Freeze Dried Fruits

Our lives are characterized with busy schedules where we sideline what we eat. With our busy schedules there is no time for us to prepare healthy foods and properly pack them. Freeze dried fruits have been around us for eons, though due recent awareness to healthy eating they have resurfaced again. Nutritionists have proved that, free dried fruit and much healthier than a regular dried fruit. This is due to the process involved in the preservation. Freezing dried fruits involves a very simple process. First the moisture is removed from the fresh fruit by converting it to ice, this leaves the fruit in its natural purest from. This fleshy part of the dried fruit is 100% crispy and sweet.

Lower levels of calories

Healthy eating requires us to monitor our calories so that to match the intake. Other methods of preservation contain additives like sugars, sweeteners and preservatives which increase the number of calories per single fruit. Since Freeze dried fruits are only preserved by use of condensation there are no other additives that increase the sugar levels.

Higher nutrient concentration

A frozen punch of fruit is more nutritious than the traditional dried fruit. The only thing that the fruit is drained off is the moisture. The moisture is then condensed to water leaving ice behind. The micro-nutrients in the fruits flesh are not only protected from bacteria but are kept in a conducive environment. That means that the fruit will supply you with over 95% of essential nutrients and vitamins like A and C.

The most efficient preservation method

Other preservation known to man involve either addition or removal of something. Other preservatives have been proven to cause diseases and such harmful for consumption. Despite causing diseases the method of preservation leads to loss of taste, nutritional value and reduce the overall life stage of the fruit. Freezing fruits is one of the healthiest way to preserve fruits naturally.

The life of frozen food is the longest compared to other methods out there. A frown fruit could last over 2 years when kept under the right conditions this means that this method is not only economical but very versatile.

There are different types of Freezing dried fruits

Our basic knowledge is that there is only one method of getting free fried fruits, buts that’s not far from the truth. The traditional method is freezing; this method involves draining the fruit of any moisture by directly converting it to ice. There other method is Sublimation; this is also known as primary drying, where moisture is removed at low temperatures and low pressure converting the water directly to vapor without passing liquid phase.

Freezing dried fruits consumes a lot of energy

Just like any coin. freeze dried fruits have their downside to. The process of freezing and thawing consumes a lot of energy compared to other methods of preservation. Though the thermal energy consumption may not be that noticeable in residential use compared to large scale industrial freezing.


When it comes to preserving our foods, we want to maintain the same taste, nutritional value and the food to last longer. Freeze dried fruits has been there long before the industrialization. So, the net time you pack your meal a freeze-dried fruit is a hand a way from suppressing your appetite.

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