Five best ways to create a campfire with limited supplies

One of the direct manifestations is the sudden boom on the eco-tourism which includes camping. Some enjoy camping the most because it allows you to desolate yourself from the technology savvy reality that one lives in. However, a few are able to retain the basic skill of lighting up a fire used centuries ago by our ancestors, and this becomes a huge problem for campers because we became reliant on instant devices such as matches and lighters. But, if in case you find yourself in a situation where you forgot to bring these devices on a camping spree, here are a few basics on how to create a campfire.

Icing Method

This might sound ironic but here is how it works: the ice will be used as a lens for your easily-combustible materials. The first step is to ensure that your ice is clear because if it has any impurities or is cloudy, it will not work. You will have to fashion the ice into a lens by shaping the ice using your knife with thick central surface and narrower edges. From there, you can position your lens in the direction of the sun where under your ice lens is the easily-combustible material.

The rubbers

All you need to do is to fill them with water and make it as spherical as possible. With limited supplies on your backpack, you can use it as a lens. When the rubbers are filled with water, squeeze them in the middle to form two little lenses that you can position above your tinder. Be sure to make it closer to your tinder with an inch or two lengths.

The Hand Drill

Make sure that the tinder is easily combustible and dry so that after a couple of strikes, you can easily have it reproduced through the tinder nest. From this, you will have to make a fire board beneath your spindle. Place a bark beneath the spindle and between it and your fire board so it could catch the spark made in the process. After you are all set, spin the spindle as much and as fast as you could to create enough friction in between. Once you see the sparks being formed and is caught up by the bark in between, you can immediately transfer it to your tinder.

Chemical-made Fire

The most common chemicals used for combustion is Potassium permanganate and Glycerin. All you have to do is to place a spoonful of the potassium permanganate on a dry leaf and in the middle of the tinder nest. Add a few drops of glycerin into the potassium permanganate crystals and stand back for a bit, wait for it to spark. It will immediately light up your tinder nest.

Flint and Steel

The friction created by striking the harder part of the steel and the softer part of the steel is enough to create sparks for your fire. You need a hard rock like a Quartzite with your thumb holding a char cloth. Continuously strike the rock with the striker like a hand knife in a wrist motion. It will be able to produce molten sparks that will eventually be caught up in the char cloth and then you can transfer it to your bigger tinder nest.

Hope this post helped you learn more about creating a campfire.  Learn more about camping here.

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