We salute you organ donors

Brad Szczecinski organ donorsI’ll be honest, the past week has been challenging for my family and I.  As some of you might be aware, my sister Susan was in need of new kidney and required a kidney transplant to save her life.  I’m happy to report that she is recovering and doing well.

When our family was looking at the options for Susan, you’d be surprised at how much contradicting information is out there on the web.  We spoke with doctors, friends and family, and eventually came across Brad Szczecinski who helped us understand the process.  We read an interesting story about him in the Chicago Tribune, and after coming across his website, we decided to reach out.  Glad we did.

It turns out that there are a lot of people reaching to people like him for consulting and gaining a better idea about the kidney transplant process.  Our family and I are eternally grateful for the sound advice and resources he provided for truly understanding how the process works.

That’s why I wanted to take some time to put a blog post together to salute the organ donors whom don’t get much credit.  My sister, Susan, is alive because of you!

To save you from how the actual organ transplant process works, I’ll instead, share what it meant to our family to have an organ donor bless us with a kidney for Susan:

  • Susan first learned about her need for a new kidney which would require an organ transplant.  She’s a single woman, and wrestled with the way she would present the news to her immediate family.  I wish she would have told us sooner!
  • After communicating her need for a kidney transplant, to our dismay, neither my sister, Claudia nor I were good matches– this troubled us as we wanted to help our sister!
  • After speaking with Brad and the doctor, we found a match that would allow Susan to continue life as a healthy young woman!

Emily Jones

Emily, you will never realize how much we appreciate and love you for donating your kidney for our sister.  We are truly blessed to have you as an angel to help save our sister– and you came at the perfect time!  We are eternally grateful for what you have done, and like we mentioned on the call, we’re going to make it up for you somehow!

Note: Since we don’t have an image from Emily, instead, we used an image from Brad (who helped us a ton during this ordeal!).

In Conclusion

Donors, you are loved.  We couldn’t have done this without you.  Unless you’ve had a similar experience happen to you, it’s difficult to understand the true impact of some stranger coming into your life to save-the-day by donating a piece of their own flesh to help save a loved one’s life.  Though, we normally talk about issues on this blog, I hope to have this be blog post be a pillar to truly show organ donors how much we love you.  Thank you for being you.

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On Surviving Man-made Threats

With all the heightened sense of nuclear threats (from North Korea, etc) and terrorist threats plaguing our world, the survivalist community continues to grow.  As more people consider the realities of such events, the demand for survival gear, go-bags, and rations for the worst-case scenario increases in popularity.  Though, we all should have our back-up plans to be prepared for emergencies, we should also consider how other people are thinking about surviving man-made threats.

I’ll be honest.  I was inspired to write this post due to something I have read on Facebook (from a moving company of all places!), in which they suggested that even during a time of an “act of war”, they’d still help people move.  Why are more and more people (and brands) bringing up these conversations?  Is it to be provocative or is it because there is a sense in the air that we truly must be prepared from a threat?  I don’t know the answer, but it seems that surviving man-made threats is something top-of-mind for people nowadays.

There’s over 400,000 results for “go bag” on Amazon!  If surviving man-made threats wasn’t a topic of concern why might there be so many vendors/producers providing options if there wasn’t a growing market who are ready, willing and able to buy those products?

We’ve talked about it before, but with more parents teaching their kids how to survive in the wilderness, it certainly makes you wonder– what is next?

I don’t intend to be a conspiracy theorist (those haters of this site would beg to differ), but there seems to be something to consider (“wisdom of the crowds”).  Only the future will know what is to come.  The fall of Rome happened.  People, in general, have never been excellent at predicting the future.  With more and more events taking place in our world, sometimes it’s best to unplug and think about what would you do– if you had to survive?

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