Best Survivalist Locations in the US

After you have sized up the situation and decided that it is time to find the best places in our country to lay low or “bug out” and live solely by your sits, you will need to determine the ideal survivalist utopia and what constitutes the perfect hideaway for survivalist living. Remember, your environment will dictate your needs and security is your number one priority, so any survivalist will need to ask: where can I maintain my own safety in a place that others will struggle to find? Where can I find adequate shelter, water procurement, food security and the tools to live off the land in remote and safe survivalist isolation?

We are lucky to live in a country that has vast amounts of space!

Fortunately for the American survivalist the areas of land outside the density of major cities are the ultimate mix of nature and potential seclusion for any survivalist looking to maintain control in times of intermittent chaos. Extreme survivalist isolation would not be possible in Europe and citizens of small and overcrowded nations will remain vulnerable in times of crisis. Since your new mission is to stay alive at all costs, where can a survivalist find sanctuary within continental US? Survivalists, think: high, wet or empty! All of these are available in our unique hemisphere, and survivalists will not be lacking options. To clarify, mountain or wetland living can be a tough life, but the threats that you are leaving behind will not find these places.

So Where is a Good Place for a Long Term Shelter?

Survivalists will be able to control their own destinies in several parts of the country. Easterners should head to Appalachia; keep moving high until you have found seclusion, a fresh body of water, and a spot easily defended with your camp to a wall and high ground defense. Western survivalists, you are advised to do the same in the Rockies: avoid the masses and nestle in your own footing along the sparser areas. Both places will offer you the resources that a survivalist needs and the solitude to focus on endurance and preserve your new way of life. Midwestern Americans should head north; places like Montana and the Dakotas have some of the lowest populations in the US and plenty of nature available to a survivalist. Still, try to find higher ground and set up a camp that others would not be able to overtake. This article recommends the Bayous and Glades for Southern survivalists; although it is low, murky and wet, it has acted as a safe refuge to many early Americans throughout the generations and its undesirability it actually your best friend – no one else wants to enter it. There will be game and fish and plenty of water.


Survivalists, start preparing your minds and kit and remember these options. No one spot is perfect and every survivalist will experience challenges, but here is a good opportunity to control what you can control. Select a place that cannot be overrun, is not easily found, has built-in resources and is safe from the elements. The mountainous and wetland regions of our great country offer an ample amount of these spaces – they have remained untouched by modernity for centuries and we can expect that that is because they are difficult to access. All of that makes the great American wilderness a survivalist’s paradise.

Tell us about the places in the US that you’ve survived in and how you like it!

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