The Benefits of Using an Ice Bag to Treat Injuries


Using an ice bag in the treatment of injuries helps reduce the risk of injury and inflammation. Also, people use this method to relieve pain in the injured area. Icing can be used in a variety of injuries like sprains, strains, overused injuries, muscle contusions and bruises. The icing technique has proven to be so effective for many years for injuries to reduce pain and prevent inflammation.

Start Icing Immediately After Injury

The proper icing method starts with icing when the injury is still fresh. The injured area should be massaged with the ice, the injured area should be elevated and the ice should be applied for 15 to 20 minutes and then this procedure repeated for up to 48 hours.

Steps of the Icing Process

At first ice is used in the reduction of pain whereby the ice effect has a numbing effect on the skin. This helps reduce discomfort and pain without accessing medication. Ice helps reduce the pain quickly which is so beneficial after an injury occurs. Icing makes it easy for patients to reduce pain effectively which is easy for patients to utilize.

Secondly, icing prevents inflammation and bleeding where the common side effects of injuries are swelling, which is an immune effect where the body increases blood flow to the area. Swelling is seen to be appear immediately after the injury and consistently several days after the injury.

Thirdly, icing causes capillaries to constrict hence reducing blood flow and swelling to the injured area. This is where ice is a slow reaction and causes the injured area to shrink. Hence, ice speeds up the healing process and reduces the level of pain.

Fourth, icing is used to facilitate fast recovery of an injured patient. When ice comes in contact with the injured area the blood flow to the area is temporarily stopped. This helps in the clotting of blood and the shrinking of capillaries around the injured area. After the ice therapy the swelling and inflammation is gone. The healing process almost starts immediately and the patient is due to recover from the injury in a matter of weeks.

Avoid These Actions While Icing

There are some things that are not supposed to be done while icing an injury. The ice bag placed on the injury should not exceed a maximum of 20 minutes. Icing should be done for about 15 to 20 minutes at most and one should ice with intervals for 48 hours to ensure quick recovery and reduce swelling and inflammation. Ice should not be applied directly to the injury, ice should be put in an ice bag or a clean piece of cloth and placed on the injury. Avoid direct contact of ice with the injured part.

While icing, ensure the injury is well rested and avoid movements. Movements while icing will only prolong the healing process. While icing one should use enough compression to ensure that you reduce pain and swelling.

Do you have a favorite icing product or procedure that has helped you recover from your injury faster? Let us know.

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