Live in the Woods– Could You Do It?

I was out in the woods not too long ago and it crossed my mind that a lot of people don’t know how to survive in the woods. So I figured I would put together something to help people out there get a better understanding of different things to think about if you ever find yourself stranded in the woods.  Could you do it– could you live in the woods?

We were out in the woods and we came across a little squirrel that was rustling around in the bushes. As we came across the little critter, it made me think of what I would do if I lived out here. Well good thing for us humans, we have some options.

Gimme Shelter

When you’re surviving in the woods, it’s nice to have shelter you can have shelter in a variety of ways. Our ancestors used to be in caves! You can imagine all the different things that we could do to keep shelter. Of course, you could always have a tent, but regardless of what you choose, you definitely need to find some kind of shelter if you’re going to try to survive in the woods for any length of time.

Gimme Energy

The other thing is you need some way to hydrate yourself and to consume food. You definitely need energy when you’re surviving in the woods and you definitely want to find some way to get the food and water. So you might be thinking how can I do this?

Well unless you brought your own containers (or canteen), you would have to put together something that would have you allow you to capture water from a variety of sources.  You’d also have to think about how you can get food.  You can pick off berries off the trees, you could put together a weapon and go hunting or you could just eat plants.

You just want to make sure you really watch how you conserve your energy and how you obtain new energy and how to protect yourself if you ever find yourself stuck in the woods.

Gimme Protection

You got to make sure to protect yourself when you’re out in the woods. There’s a lot of critters out there! Now you got to be careful of certain types of critters.

Of course you don’t want to come across the big bears or the wolves, but you definitely want to be aware of some of the other ones such as snakes and bugs. Though a lot of times bugs aren’t deadly they can create havoc in your life if you’re not careful. If you have human predators out in the woods, it would be wise to have some kind of a weapon– like a viking weapon or something– you just need some way to protect yourself.

So a lot of people don’t really think about how you could live in the woods if you really had to.  Looking at that little squirrel, it made me really think what would you do? I know what I would do.

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